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CONsumer workshops for all.
Espresso & Latte Art (Cover).jpg

Espresso &
Latte art


25 JULY 2024 / 22 AUGUST 2024

Discover the secrets of crafting the perfect espresso and stunning latte art in our hands-on workshop! Learn about coffee beans, master milk steaming techniques, and create beautiful designs like hearts, rosettes, and tulips. Ideal for coffee lovers and aspiring baristas!


Course Duration : 4 Hours (10am to 2pm)

Course Fees : RM250

hand brew coffee

26 july 2024 / 23 august 2024

Unlock the art of hand-brewed coffee in our immersive workshop designed for coffee enthusiasts of all levels. Explore various manual brewing methods and discover how to achieve the perfect cup of coffee with precision and care.

Course Duration : 4 Hours (10am - 2pm)

Course Fees : RM250

Hand Brew Coffee (Cover).jpg

L'Artiste Art Bar Throwdown

COMPETITION DATE : 20 june 2024
registration closed

The Monin L'Artiste Art Bar Throwdown is back for 2024! Join this exclusive one of a kind throwdown as you strut your skills on showcasing some of your best pours and etching combination using the Monin L'Artiste Caramel or Cocoa.

Date : 20 June 2024

Time : 1pm - 6pm


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Sensory & Cupping (Cover).jpg

sensory & cupping

21 august 2024

Delve into the world of coffee aromas and flavors with our Sensory & Cupping Workshop. Designed for coffee enthusiasts and professionals, this workshop will enhance your tasting skills and deepen your appreciation for the complexities of coffee.


Course Duration : 4 Hours (10am to 2pm)

Course Fees : RM250


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